Charles Iyore is the principal partner of the UK based Dion & Associates Limited. Dion & Associates CTA, has a running MoU to manage the data and market information of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, using a built in-plant broadcast platform and other research publications.


An engineering graduate of the University of Ife (metallurgical and materials engineering) now Obafemi Awolowo University having worked with Modern Foundry Products (MFP) producing replacement spare parts for industrial plants (Guinness Nigeria, Nigerian Breweries, Cadbury Schweppes, Nigerian Bottling Company)  and was on the team that produced some of the first fiberglass satellite dishes in Nigeria.


Charles Iyore has worked in financial services for over 25 years, working in various capacities in the Public Trust Office, (receivership and investment)  managing assets in excess of £8billion, Wagon-Lits and Pickford travels, as a leisure tour buyer (annual purchases of £10 million), and in co-mingled asset management positions with Merrill Lynch, First Bank(UK) Union Bank(UK) and Martin Brokers.


Charles Iyore was part of the regulatory (Nigerian Stock Exchange) advisory and observer team on the London Stock Exchange listing of Diamond Bank securities on the PSM. He has worked on Ashanti Goldfields, Tescos and Sainsbury’s as industry focus, predicting accurately,  in the process of their risk and profit profiles.


He is also the publisher of ‘Gain and Prospects’, a financial markets’ newsletter, which sat and monitored, on the floor, the early Central Bank of Nigeria auctions of foreign exchange. He sat on various committees working on models for markets and deregulation through most of the structural adjustment programme. His views as a consequence, on economic linkages that compromised public good, which has since become manifest in economic mismanagement, are widely published.


An active participant on the global financial conference circuits, he has moderated and delivered addresses on the PE annual Super returns (Berlin) Euromoney and CWC circuits.


A keen sportsman, he loves and plays cricket and tennis and is married with children.